What are the requirements for electric service connection?

ANS. The following are the requirements and the steps to follow for new applications.

  1. Secure Electrical Permit with Endorsement available at the following Local Government Units - Office of the Building Official (OBO):

  2. Municipality - City Engineer's Office
    Danao City - Mun Engineer's Office
    Compostela - Mun Engineer's Office
    Carmen - Mun Engineer's Office
    Sogod - Mun Engineer's Office
    Catmon - Mun Engineer's Office
    Tuburan - Mun Engineer's Office
    Tabuelan - Mun Engineer's Office
    Borbon - Mun Engineer's Office
    Tabogon - Mun Engineer's Office
    Bogo - Mun Engineer's Office
    San Remigio - Mun Engineer's Office
    Medellin - Mun Engineer's Office
    Daanbantayan - Mun Engineer's Office
  3. Hire an accredited CEBECO II Barangay Electrician.
  4. Attend Pre-membership seminar scheduled every day (except Saturdays & Sundays) at 9:00 am at all CEBECO II offices.
  5. Pay all necessary charges and submit the following:
    1. Electrical permit with corresponding location sketch and with your nearest neighbor’s electric bill for billing purposes;
    2. Duly accomplished RFI forms;
    3. Clearance for Service Connection;
    4. Contract or Kasabutan available at the CEBECO II offices,
    5. One (1) photocopy of any valid identification card
    6. One (1) recent 2x2 and one (1) recent 1x1 id pictures or for joint membership two (2) 1x1 pictures of both husband and wife.
  6. After processing, kwhr meter and swinging clevis will be given to the consumer. The barangay electrician will be the one to mount it ready for tapping for the following day.
    Second, Third up to nth connections. . .
    Follow basic steps for new connection except step #3
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Can we still pay thru ECPAY/GCASH if it is past the due date?:

No, ECPAY/GCASH won't accept payments anymore. You need to go the nearest CEBECO II office to pay your bill.

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What is bill deposit?

BILL DEPOSIT means the deposited amount required from customers by distribution utilities of new and/or additional service equivalent to the estimated billing for one month to guarantee payment of bills.

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What are the requirements for NET METERING?:


  1. Letter of Intent
  2. Electrical Plan showing the Renewable Energy modification duly signed and sealed by a PEE
  3. Electrical Permit for Net Metering
  4. Site Sketch Plan
  5. Inverter Specifications
  6. Copy of test data and Test Certificates
  7. ERC COC Forms (with fee of Php. 1,500.00)


  1. SEC (for corporations) or DTI Registration (sole proprietorship)
  2. Sec-Cert. or BOD Res. (corp.), Authorization or SPA of authorized rep. (Sole prop.)
  3. Two (2) valid IDs of an authorized representative or signatory
  4. Photocopy of Declaration of Real Property and Lease Contract/Agreement (if rented property)
  5. Latest CEBECO 2 Receipt



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What are the requirements for cancellation/withdrawal of membership?

Formal request letter should be pass in the office and must present 2 valid identification cards. All unpaid bills must be cleared with the billing section and the watt-hour meter must be surrendered.

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What will I do if my meter was accidentally burned?

  1. Pay all your arrears if there are any.
  2. Secure a certification to your barangay captain certifying that you are affected by fire.
  3. CEBECO will provide a new meter if you will build a new building.
  4. Get building permit and fire clearance at your nearest municipal hall.
  5. Hire a CEBECO II accredited electrician for installation.
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What if my meter will get lost?

  1. Secure an "Affidavit of Loss" at Municipal office.
  2. Pay all your debts or arrears.
  3. Present the affidavit of loss to the customer service representative.
  4. The Consumer Welfare Desk Officer will create a job order for the release of the new meter.
  5. Bring and present the job order to the warehouse man for your new meter.
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What are the main reasons of disconnection of service?

  1. Unpaid bills after the disconnection notice serve.
  2. If there is an illegal connection
  3. Requested by the member consumer.
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What are the requirements needed for the withdrawal of bill deposit?

After complying with the 3 year consecutive payment (on or before its due date) of electric bills, a formal application must be filed by the registered consumer, his successor-in-interest or duly authorized representative. Together with any valid identification card.

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What are the procedures if I encounter no power?

  1. Consult Barangay Electrician (CEBEA accredited)
  2. Asked the recommendation of the electrician
  3. If lineman is needed you can call the CWD Officer for assistance or visit CEBECO II office
  4. Job order will be relay to the station lineman
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What are the processes in requesting for meter change?

  1. Go to CEBECO II office report the discrepancy.
  2. Request for meter change.
  3. Job order will be made.
  4. Area engineer will schedule the said complaints.
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What will I do if I will request for secondary line clearing?

  1. Call or visit CEBECO II office.
  2. Request for job order specifically for clearing the lines
  3. Pay minimum amount of P 20.00 exclusive of vat.
  4. Everything must be ready including materials and manpower.
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How can bill deposit be computed?




TV = 0.032 X 1 X 5 X 30 X 6.0629 = 29.10192

REFRIGERATOR = 0.1 X 1 X 14 X 30 X 6.0629 = 254.6418

FLOURESCENT LAMP = 0.024 X 2 X 4 X 30 X 6.0629 = 34.92


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How to apply for reconnection?

  1. Be assured that the registered member should come Personally at the office for the request of reconnection and must present "membershi identification card-(any valid id's).
  2. If the request is not personally from the member, he/she must bring a notarized "s.p.a." in behalf of the registered member.
  3. Pay the arrears wherein there is any unpaid accounts.
  4. If the record of the particular consumer shows that the disconnection was made for over 6 months, advise them to contact the area assigned electrician for their assistance to submit "ascri form" together with fire clearance from the municipal -(for wiring safety purposes).
  5. Electric service reconnection will be serve on that day upon receiving the request/application.
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How can I change the name in my official Electric Bill Receipt?

  1. Any interested party should present proof of ownership (deed of sale, declaration of real tax property) etc.
  2. Pay/Clear unpaid bills.
  3. Attend Pre-Membership Seminar
  4. Must present the old billing statement or OEBR and recent taken id picture.
  5. Pay the necessary charges.
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Who are allowed to receive the full refund of bill deposit?

Only registered member -consumers, their heirs, their successors-in-interest or their duly authorized representatives shall be allowed to receive the refund of the bill deposit.

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Is meter deposit required?

All consumers shall be exempted from payment of meter deposit since distribution utilities have incorporated the cost of those electric watt-hour meters in their rate base.

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If I will withdraw my membership what are the requirements?

  1. The CWD Officer will create a job order for meter check-up.
  2. Lineman's recommendation is a must.
  3. If it is defective, stop, damaged, massive or creeping the job order must be created for meter change.
  4. The Area Engineer will schedule the said order for meter change.
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Can bill deposits be withdrawn?

The bill deposit shall be refunded within one month from the termination of service provided all bills have been paid. A customer who has paid his electric bills on or before its due date for three consecutive years may, however, demand for the full refund of the deposit even prior to the termination of his service. An application for this purpose shall be filed with the concerned distribution utility which must refund the deposit within one month from receipt of such application.

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Regarding the request for temporary & voluntary disconnection.

  1. The registered member should bring "membership Identification card.
  2. Present a notarized "spa" for those who request at the Office other than the registered member
  3. Current bill must be paid as well as the final reading in the time of request
  4. Pay the fees and service charges before the issuance of Job-order - for execution.
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Regarding the request for the transfer of connection:

  1. The consumer must present membership identification card to ensure the legitimacy of the transaction.
  2. Bring a notarized spa on behalf of the registered member if the one who request at the office is other than the member
  3. Fill-up ascri form for application and submit it together with the other required documents and municipal clearances to process the request.
  4. Pay the charges and fees due at the office on the date of application.
  5. Required to attend pms.
  6. Inform the consumer that the electric service connection wil be follow on the next day after the completion of all requirements.
  7. Pay the bill deposit if found out that the consumer has no deposit that is base and equivalent of the computed loads presently used.
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Regarding request for relocation of meter:

  1. Demand membership identification card from the member.
  2. A notarized spa must be presented by the person who request other than the registered member.
  3. Advise the consumer to contact brgy. Electrcian to check first the situation of the area where to relocate.
  4. Check sdw, buy additional if insufficient/if necessarily.
  5. Pay the due fees & charges to the office.
  6. Inform the consumer that when everthing is okey, the electrician will give go signal and right then we will issue a job-order for execution as soon as possible.
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