Requirements for new electric service connection

Published on April 4, 2022 03:00 PM 780


    1. Request for Inspection Form (cleared and duly filled-up)
    2. Pre-Membership Seminar Attendance Certificate
    3. Member Consumer History Record
    4. Application for Membership
    5. Consumer Consent
    6. Screening of the CEBEA Chapter signed and stamped/sealed
    7. Cert. of Inspection from RME/REE/PEE signed and stamped/sealed
    8. Official Electric Bill Receipt of nearest neighbor
    9. Recent 2x2 Picture of both husband and wife if married
    10. Photocopy of at least one Valid ID of the applicant
    1. For Building/Structure without Electrical Plan
      • OBO Endorsement
      • Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance
    2. For Building/Structure with Electrical Plan
      • Certificate of Occupancy (OBO)
      • Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (BFP)
    3. Printed Photo of service entrance
    4. Printed Photo of whole building/structure with the owner
    5. As-Built Electrical plan (Minimum A4 Size) signed and sealed by a PEE
    6. House wiring estimated signed by the applicant and Electrician
    7. Certificate of Indigency for Indigent Recipients
    1. Kasabutan between the Owner and the Brgy. Electrician
    2. Photocopy of the Declaration of Real Property (for both Lot Owner and Right-of-Way Lot Owner)
    3. Affidavit (if property is not owned by the applicant)
    4. Consent-Affidavit (for Right-of-Way)
    5. Submit proof of ownership/Occupancy (any of the following):
      1. FOR OWNERS: Transfer of Certificate of Title, Declaration of Real Property or Deed of Sale;
      2. FOR SUCCESSORS: Proof of succession or entitlement to the property
      3. If lot owners were deceased (You may choose any;)
        1. present photocopy of valid IDs
        2. Extrajudicial Declaration of Heirs and Settlement of Estate with MOA
        3. Notarized Consent and Authority duly signed by the Heir(s) witnessed by a Brgy. Official
        4. Barangay Certification/Agreement certified and sealed by a Barangay Official
        5. For Authorized Representatives of Owners: Authorization/SPA from the owner of the property
        6. For Informal Settlers or Awardee of any Resettlement Area of Government-Owned Premises
          1. A proof of the right to occupy the property from the concerned local government unit or agency;
          2. Certification recognizing the applicant as an awardee (ex. NHA, SM, Red Cross, Gawad Kalinga, etc.)
    6. Photocopy of Marriage Certificate (If Married Applicants)

    Please click to download the form: Checklist for New Electric Connection